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INSTRUCTORS & assistants:


Angie Perez (brown belt), Andrea Hopkins (brown belt) and Tania Martinez (red belt)....all 3 of these girls have been training with me since they were 6/7 years old, as they all turn 15 this year, and plan to test next year for their black belts let me say thank you and congrats on all your hard work and dedication to TKD and my school.


They all help me tremendously with teaching our students here @ Tucker's Taekwondo. THANK YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr. John Schading, 1st Dan

Mr. Schading received his black belt in 2008 from Master Choe's (Brian Hall) Tae Kwon Do (Choe's Martial Arts) in Melbourne, FL and also studied under Grand Master Chung, Master Tony Chung and Master Russell Deatheridge in Melbourne, FL.  He competed in regional and state compeitions in Florida for several years.  He also competed nationally in 2008 in Madison, WI and received third and fourth place medals in forms and sparring. He participated in demonstration teams throughout his time in Taekwondo.

Ms. Deb Reda, 1st Dan

Ms. Stacy Reda, 1st Dan
Ms. Kristen Reda, 1st Dan

The Reda family begain their TKD instruction with Ms. Michelle back in 2006.  They each achieved their 1st degree black belts from Kukkiwon, Ms. Deb in 2009, and the girls were soon to follow in 2010.  The Reda family has been instrumental in the success and development of our studio overall.  We are very thankful to have their help, love and support.  Our school was mobile for 7 years, and the Reda Family has been to EVERY place I have ever taught!!!!  The development and success of our student base would not be possible without the Reda's.  Thank you so very much.